Description of the building

The two-storey building is situated on the campus of the Faculty of Civil Engineering VŠB – TU Ostrava, in the part facing the south. The designated area is flat and grassy. With respect to its height and its shape, the building does not disturb the surrounding development and the low-sloping shed roof complements the roofing of other houses in the area. The orientation of the house is almost ideal for solar gains. The entrance to the building together with the vestibule, communication premises and sanitary facilities are located in the north. The premises for classrooms and the hall face the south. Sizes of panes are adapted to this fact. The facade is combined from the most commonly used materials – a contact insulation system with a thin-layered plaster, a ventilated facade with wooden panelling and a ventilated facade with facade boards. The roofing consists of metal roofing with a coat of paint. This detached 12.1×8.2m building with a roof sloping at 15° and without a basement is set on a floating reinforced concrete slab. A modern timber construction technology, using maximum prefabrication of construction parts, was applied on the top construction. This does not represent a long-term strain for the plot, which can quickly gain its original condition.

Koordinační situace stavby

Drawing no. 1: Co-ordination situation of the building

Situace s přípojkami

Drawing no. 2: Situation with connections

Výkres č. 3: Půdorys 1.NP

Drawing no. 3: Ground plan of the ground floor

Výkres č. 4: Půdorys 2.NP

Drawing no. 4: Ground plan of the 1st floor

Výkres č. 5: Řez se skladbami

Drawing no. 5: Cross-section with compositions

Výkres č. 6: Pohledy

Drawing no. 6: Views

Volume parameters:

Enclosed area top construction (thermal facade) 668,0 m3
Built – up area top construction (thermal facade) 96,92 m2
Ground floor area: basic (living area) 52,87 m2
utility 74,57 m2
Attic basic (living area) 51,35 m2
utility 68,95 m2

On the ground floor there are an engine room of the heating system, a hall, a classroom and sanitary facilities. In the attic there are 2 classrooms for 12 students, an office, a bathroom and a corridor. The whole ground floor is designed with respect to users with impaired mobility and orientation.

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